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Storage – Cryo Freezers

Leading Performance

-190°C Dry Storage | Energy Efficient
Extended Hold Times

Highly Connected

WiFi / Ethernet
Text / Email Alerts
Cloud Storage | Remote Access

Optimized Design

Highest Storage Density | Most Ergonomic
Integrated Hardware / Workspace
Plug & Play Setup

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-Controller Screenshots TBD-
-Mobile Alert/Remote Access TBD

Best-In-Class Performance, Easiest to Use, Frustration-Free Packaging, Plug and Play Setup.…..

let Abeyance help preserve your sample potential!

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Cryovial Capacity – 2 ml
Cryobox Capacity
5-Shelf Vertical Slim Racks
Blood Bags (25|50|250|500 ml)
LN2 Capacity
LN2 Usage
Hold Time
Outer Diameter
Overall Height
Liftover Height (Step to Opening)
Internal Usable Height
Empty Weight
Working Weight (Estimated)
Max Weight
Certifications / Compliance