Beauty with a true Italian Taste

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Alfaparf Milano

We Do It Our Way.

A bottle of shampoo, a tube of color. These aren't just simple hair products, they are beautiful stories made by excellence, enthusiasm, and good vibrations. We create formulas, test, IMPROVE, and then produce.
We want to create things that have never existed before. Testing our crazy ideas to develop extraordinary products.

Alfaparf Milano Pigments
Semi Di Lino Cellula Madre
Colorwear by Alfparf Milano

We Do It Everywhere.

We were born in Italy with the vocation to convert what we love into a real business. More than 35 years later, everything still begins in Italy, and we continue to dream big.

Playlist -- Rose Copper
Precious Nature Hair Color
The Hair Supporters by Alfparf Milano
rEvolution NEON - #TurnMeNEON
Precious Nature Color Behind The Scenes

We Do it For Professionals

Everything we create is dedicated to Hairdressers--the passionate and smart people that deserve the very best from us, including continuous support through education programs.

We Create Color.

Top quality products, with exceptional performance, designed in the traditional Italian way.

We Provide Care.

We are experts in providing care and making each treatment an incredibly pleasant experience.

We Build Style.

Our products offer the ability to create styles so that people can express themselves.

*Alfaparf Milano is available in Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas, and parts of Indiana and Illinois.